The school of Management and Business Studies headed by Mr. Ojo Williams Monday which comprises of six Departments: Accountancy Business Administration and Management Office Technology and Management Marketing Management Banking and Finance Public Administration The school started with a commerce Department in 1954, comprising four year Secondary Commercial full-time residential course as well as evening classes for those already employed in Industry and Commerce. In 1958, Part-Time and Day release courses started in the then Secretarial Studies, now OTM and Accountancy.

In 1963, courses in Banking, Accounting and Secretaryship were also introduced on Part-Time basis. During the 1970/71 session, the two Departments of Commerce and Management Studies which had earlier emerged were merged to become the Department of Management and Business Studies. With the introduction of the School system in 1981, the name by which the school is known today; School of Management and Business Studies, and the appointment of Directors came into existence.

With the re-organisation that took place shortly after the School of Management and Business Studies came into being carved out Management services from the School to form the nucleus of the industrial and consultancy services centre known as Yaba-Tech, CONSULT today. In a related development, before the General Studies Department became the school of Liberal Studies, the school consisted of four Departments which were:- Accountancy Business Administration and Management General Studies Secretarial Studies With the introduction of Directorship, Mr. J. I. Jacobson now late became the first Director between 1981 and 1984; he was succeeded by Mrs. A. F. Odepidan as Ag. Director, when the latter was seconded to the Federal Polytechnic Idah by the Federal Ministry of Education as the acting Rector. In 1986, Mr. E. A. Laleye was elected as the Director of the School; followed by Mr. A. F. Adediran, now late; in 1989. Mrs G. T. Ogunsola was also elected as the Director in 1991 followed by Dr. E. A. Aromolaran. Mrs. M. O. Afolabi followed after Dr. Aromolaran tenure.

In 2003,the title of the position was changed from Director to Dean Ms. Mainze became Dean in January 2003 succeeded by Dr(Mrs) Akindele in 2005 who handed over to Mr Olulana in January 2009. In August 2012, Mr Olulana went on Ph.d study leave in London when Mrs Ejiwunmi became the Ag. Dean till December 2012. In January 2013,Mr Nwafa John was elected as the incumbent Dean till 2016.

The nomenclature of Deanship started with the tenure of Ms. Marize between 2002 and 2004, followed by Mrs. C. O. Akindele, 2005- 2008 and Olulana B. Samuel, from 2009 to end in 2012 December. Dean: Ojo, Williams Monday. Sub-Dean: Mr. O.T. Tijani PROGRAMMES IN THE SCHOOL

(i)ND Accountancy HND Accountancy

(ii) ND Business Administration and Management HND Business Administration and Management

(iii)ND Office Technology and Management (Monolingual) HND Office Technology and Management HND Bilingual

(iv) ND Banking and Finance

(v) HND Marketing